Whiplash Treatment from Your Chiropractor

Many people are surprised to learn how many potential causes exist for whiplash. Our chiropractors at Right Health Clinic note that this is because the term is usually mentioned as a consequence of an auto accident. In fact, it can occur on any occasion when a force causes the neck to jerk suddenly. Whiplash pain makes getting through a usual daily routine impossible for some sufferers who visit our Colorado Springs chiropractic practice. Fortunately, our Right Health Clinic patients can look forward to treatment that relieves pain without medication or surgery.


Understanding Whiplash

The cause of whiplash is any event that causes an individual’s neck to snap back and forth with sufficient force to cause damage to vertebrae, muscles, and/or tendons. The motion resembles cracking a whip.

The most frequent cause of whiplash is a rear-end collision in a motor vehicle accident. However, the sudden force required to whip the head backward and then forward might result from events such as physical abuse, sports injuries, or other kinds of trauma.

Neck strain is another name for the same disorder. Some sufferers at our Colorado Springs chiropractic clinic experience pain right away. For others, the discomfort begins a few days after the injury. The most frequent symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Stiffness and pain in the neck
  • Headaches that start at the base of the skull
  • Numbness or tingling in an arm
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Pain in the upper back, arms, and/or shoulders
  • Discomfort when attempting to look over the shoulder or move the head front to back or side to side

Treatment Options from Our Colorado Springs Chiropractic Practice

At an initial consultation, neck pain patients at Right Health Clinic undergo a thorough physical exam and health history assessment. Once our chiropractors in Colorado Springs diagnoses the problem, each patient receives a customized treatment plan.

Chiropractic care at Right Health Clinic for whiplash focuses on both treating its symptoms and the actual cause. A typical treatment plan includes adjustments, manipulations to move vertebrae back to the correct position, traction therapy, or a combination.

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