My experience with Dr. Foster at the Right Health Clinic was the best! I had never been to a chiropractor before and not knowing what to expect I was rather apprehensive. I had been experiencing really bad neck issues, tried everything and decided at that point I had nothing to lose. Dr. Foster was amazing!! He educated me for at least 30 minutes before my adjustment. He knew I was nervous and him and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable. He did the adjustment which was not painful at all, and told me me exactly what to expect the next few days. I saw him twice in a two week period. I am feeling 100 percent. I followed up with a massage by the therapist there, great experience. Very friendly, informative and caring staff. They are awesome!!

Brandy M.

Last month I woke up to excruciating pain in my neck. I wasn’t able t turn my head to the right at all. I had always been a skeptic of chiropractors and had never been to one in all of my 28 years. I tried Ibuprofen but it did not work, the next day I will still in the same exact pain. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Foster at the Right Health Clinic and am so happy I did. He was so nice and gentle. I had always thought that it would hurt being adjusted but it didn’t. He was able to pinpoint the exact location of my neck problem and address it accordingly. Not even a few hours later and my neck was already feeling so much better and I was able to turn my head. I am so grateful for Dr. Foster’s help and how sweet and professional the front desk lady was. Going to The Right Health Clinic will be a permanent thing in my life from now on. Dr. Foster made me feel comfortable and assured me that he would do everything to fix my neck and he did. I, without a doubt would recommend this clinic to everyone!

Lauren H.

I used to dread turning over in bed, or trying to get out of bed! I had been told by a medical officer that I had both gout and a sciatic nerve problem and they told me to watch my diet and gave me some pain meds. Needless to say life wasn’t much fun at that point. Fortunately a neighbor told me about Dr. Chris Foster. After the first visit I almost immediately began to feel better. After a months treatment, I was pain free and he has kept me that way ever since. He also gave me detailed guidance on the type of diet I should follow. I have not had a gout attack since. I strongly recommend Dr. Foster to anyone in pain!!

Bill H.

Dr. Foster, I really enjoyed having you as my chiropractor and will miss you immensely as I have been unable to find anyone in my area of Florida who compares to the care you give your patients. I’ll have to make due with what I have available but wanted you to know how much you are appreciated.

Linda G.

Boy, oh boy, God is sure using you in special ways to help people heal. Than you for all you do for me, sometimes on short notice. You are appreciated.

Stephen S.

Dr. Foster,

I just want to thank you for your amazing care. It is so rare to find a doctor who is focused on the relationships with his patients. I feel like you are a true friend.

I appreciate your attentiveness and professionalism. I know you will always be kind and gentle. You have come to my rescue ( so to speak ) when I was in misery on several occasions. I especially appreciate the time when you met me on your time off after my knee surgery. Even though you were late for dinner, you very patiently explained your technique to my inquiring husband. That is worth gold to me. Now he understands why I need to see a chiropractor that is so supportive.

You are a gift from God that I treasure! I will go out of my way to come back when I retire. God Bless.

Mary Lynne K.

Dr. Foster,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful care I received from you while visiting in Colorado. When I visit again I will definitely come in for an adjustment. Thank you !

Darlene M.

Dr. Foster,

I deeply appreciate your professional help, advice and caring heart. Thank you for all you do. Many blessings to you and yours.

Eunice H.

I came to the Right Health Clinic a few months ago with foot pain. I had four ultrasound treatments and ordered custom orthotics. After the first visit, I knew right away that Dr. Foster and his staff were truly dedicated to helping their patients. I appreciate the dedication and honesty showed by the staff. it’s nice to come to the clinic and be greeted with a friendly welcome by Linda and be able to trust in the care I’m receiving from Dr. Foster, Dale, and Linda. I have referred my family and friends to the Right Health Clinic knowing that they will be well taken care of at an affordable price. Overall, I can say that I’ve been more than completely satisfied with the care I have received at the clinic!

Brenda M.