Morphogenic Field Technique

Morphogenic Field Technique


History of muscle testing

Using muscles to gather information on what is happening with the physiology of the body has been around since the early 1964 when Dr. George Goodheart first made the correlation between finding a weak muscle and altered neurological (nerve) function. After his first discovery he then went on to correlated how muscles strength related to other functions in the body. He called this type of analysis Applied Kinesiology.

Over the last 60 years others have taken his foundational work and modified the technique: Dr. Versendaal (contract reflex analysis), Dr. Ulan (nutritional response testing), Dr. Keppel (muscle response analysis), Dr. Klinghart (autonomic response analysis) and Dr. Marshall (quantum reflex analysis).

Text Box:  With each new technique their muscle testing addressed some areas that the preceding techniques had not taking into account. As the understanding of the nature of the human body has become clearer the muscle testing procedures expended from just using the central nervous system as a functional component to include: the acupuncture system, the fascia, the autonomic nervous system, cellular energy and now the energy signature of atoms. All of which plays a part in how the body communicates with every cell in the body.

The points of the various testing systems, up to now, have been done on contact points that are on physical body. But with the understanding of quantum physics and how it relates to the human body – it has been discovered thru clinical trials - that one can use not only the contact points on the body but also what is coming off the human body - the energy. In quantum physics this energy that surrounds the body is called a Torus Field.

Quantum physics has shown that all atoms have an energy signature. This is the energy that is emitted from atoms. Each atom has its own type of electro-magnetic energy that is created by the electrons that move around the nucleus of an atom. You can demonstrate this Electro-magnetic energy by wrapping a wire around a piece of mental and running current (electrons) thru the wire. This produces an electro-magnetic energy field that can be measured.

The human body consists of many types of organs that form “systems” within our body and these systems function in a coordinated fashion that keeps us alive. But if we look deeper into the nature of organs we see cells and if you go even smaller, you discover molecules and atoms. The combined effects of the atoms of the body produce an energy field that surrounds the body. This energy has information with it. One of the keys to restoring health is accessing this information.

The Morphogenic Field Technique

With 39 years of clinical observation and experience, Dr. Frank Springob co-developed the Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) based upon the inspired thinking of Certified Nutritional Therapist, Autumn Smith, NTP.

Autumn suggested a new and innovative idea for enhancing the effectiveness of traditional muscle response testing by including the evaluation of cellular energies within the human torus energy field, which they called the Morphogenic Field (M-Field).

MFT is a structured system by which a skilled practitioner can find information about the health of an individual. Then dietary, nutritional, herbal or homeopathic formulas can be recommended based upon the quantum physics concept of the individuals energy signatures (cellular energy).

This effective and inexpensive technology often can uncover a problem that has been unresolved by other health care providers and it provides solutions to what seemed too appeared as unrelenting and mysterious health problems. What allows this to occur is MFT practitioner looks at energy signatures that are not normal for a healthy person and they provide the solutions for the problem.

Why call it the Morphogenic Field Technique

The word, morphogenic, can be broken down into "morph", meaning "to change" and "genic" meaning 'to originate". This is the exact goal of a MFT practitioner when they are looking at a person’s health issue --- use the information found within a person’s energy fields so that a corrective energy field can be found and used to improve or “change" for the better a patient's health.

The name, morphogenic, is similar to the word "morphogenetic" as discussed in Dr. Royal Lee's groundbreaking manual, "An Introduction to Protomorphology". Dr. Lee was an intellectual giant and in the 1920’s was one of the first to expose the danger of the agricultural practices. Over the years Dr. Lee developed many nutritional formulas that are food based and today the company that he developed is called Standard Process. One type of formula that he develop is called a protomorphogen - these are uniquely derived nucleoprotein-mineral extracts that support and supply the cell with “blueprints” so that cells can reproduce healthy cells.

What does the MFT evaluated

Using what has been traditionally used by many muscle testing procedures along with testing the M-field evaluations of energy signature – ENERGY EVALUTIONS  are made on: the body’s hydrations level, digestion (stomach, pancreas, small and large intestine, liver, gallbladder), hormones (pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, testacies, etc.), immune disruptors (chemicals, heavy metals, food, microbes, parasites, etc.) and the nutritional status of the cells (essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals).

This process finds out what cells in the body needs help, what caused the problem and what the ENERGETIC SOLUTION is - by looking into: 1) Is there an immune challenge?, 2) Is there a toxicity?, 3) Is there a specific nutrition required? and 4) Does the cell have the “blueprints” to create healthy cells?

M-Field Signature Matching consistently reveals that only the energy of organic whole food and what is made from it - matches the energy signature of the body.

MFT is not intended to make a medical diagnosis or to replace medical treatment. Its main purpose is to assess ENERGY within the body and provide advice on how to on how to correct problems within a person’s energy field.