Bioresonate Health Care: Evaluating, Correcting and Supporting Human Physiology

Many people are aware that the past knowledge, as taught by teachers of physics, is based on the principle that the universe and everything in the universe is composed of solids, fluids, gases and ionized elementary particles (which is also called plasma: the earth’s ionosphere as well as interstellar space are examples of ionized elementary particles). But present studies * and understandings show that there is a fifth principle which influences everything in the universe – an energy field that contains information and is known as a Torus Field or Torsion Field **.

Text Box:  A Torus Field surrounds the human body and there are three physical properties that create it: charge, mass and spin. A charge (electrons moving around the nucleus of an atom) creates a electromagnetic field, mass gives rise to a gravitational field and when those are combined with the spin of electrons, a torus field is formed.

The Torus Field has unique properties. But the properties that are of primary importance for evaluating, correcting and supporting human physiology are 1) the specific wave characteristics of healthy organs (their: tissue, cells, molecules, atoms, etc.) and 2) the specific wave characteristics of microbes, chemicals and toxins -such as heavy metals.

Any diseased state will produce macroscopic changes in the affected tissues’ and this will be accompanied by loss of cellular function and the diseased or injured tissue will have altered wave characteristics which can be noted in the torus field.

In the late 50’s, Dutch physicist Theodore Van Hoven elaborated on the “unified field theory” and named his work “Quantum entropic logic theory”. The theory is not an alternative to generally accepted theories, but it develops and extends the present quantum theories to a new level and eliminates many previously unexplainable paradoxes. Van Hoven theory supports the existence of the Torus Field.

In the 1980’s the Institute of Practical Psychophysics (IPP) used the quantum entropic logic theory as its foundation to developed what is referred to as a “Non-linear system” (NLS). The NLS combines the latest advancements in physics, mathematics, and information technologies so that it can identify even the smallest fluctuations of the electromagnetic fields that are related to the biological structures. device they created, the Metatron, uses NLS to measure the wave characteristics of the Torus Field. By this means one can monitor what is occurring within the body – its organs, tissues, cells, chromosomes, enzymes and hormones on an energetic level. This is the most advanced informational technology present for determining healthy and unhealthy energetic properties in the human body.

The Metatron is very different from every other NLS in use today. Most of which are mere copies of what IPP produced and don’t have the technology that is in the Metatron.

The Metatron is not only used for evaluation of torus field but it can also broadcast frequencies that help correct frequencies that are not within the norm and evaluate nutritional products, food and homeopathic remedies that would best be used to correct problems. is a non-invasive procedure where person sits in a comfortable position and wears, what appears as a set of headphones that are positioned just in front of the ears, for 15 to 30 minutes. After the Metatron gathers information, various analyses are performed and summaries are displayed, that reflect the energetic health of the person. Color icons show the various energetic degrees of healthy and unhealthy tissue.

As noted, The Metatron helps with the corrections of altered energetic states but along with that it is also a prevention tool - it can detect problems, before there are any visible symptoms. Thus many of the health problems of today when detected early can be easily reversed and avoided.

Advantages of the Metatron

  • The top bio-energetic system in the field for energy evaluations and corrections
  • It can analyze the energetic state of every organ and system in the body
  • Helps to detect and reverse energetic problems before there are any symptoms
  • Detects the energetic signatures of microbes, heavy metals and other toxins
  • Used to identify the best remedies (homeopathic/nutritional/herbal)
  • Makes homeopathic/energetic remedies.
  • Calculates the efficiency of a remedy
  • A great aid in finding the hidden causes behind symptoms
  • Can provide a Meta Therapy (harmonizing frequencies) to the torus field
  • Provides a comparison chart of before-after the Meta-Therapy
  • Helps find energetic problems associated with allergies.

It is best to try to drink at least two liters of water per day for two days before the day of the appointment and for at least two days after the energy treatment to aid with detoxification.

Contra-Indications: Cardiac Pacemaker, Epilepsy and Pregnancy

The Metatron is not intended to make a medical diagnosis or to replace medical treatment. Its main purpose is to assess ENERGY within the body and provide advice on how to on how to correct problems that are within a person’s energy field.

* Please visit the web site of The Institute of Practical Psychophysics which is the only company in the world that deals with design, development, manufacturing, sales and servicing of the Metatron and its nonlinear diagnostics hardware/software - – the site will provide more detailed information on the “Metatron” and NLS.

**The torsion field according to Wikipedia is listed as pseudoscience. But many things have been listed as pseudoscience that over time have been proven true: the belief that the earth is a sphere, the Einstein-Cartan Theory, Chiropractic, Polygraphs, Acupuncture, Climate Change, Colon cleansing, Detoxification, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, Homeopathy, Osteopathic treatments and Traditional Chinese medicine - to name a few. Often there is financial, ego, or social reasons for something to be listed as pseudoscience.